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  1. nick moody
    20 December 2016 @ 03:49

    Hi I met your UK mate (was he called Mark?) at a party at the wknd here in Christchurch , New Zeland. He put me onto your blog, and it’s great. I’d love to cycle tour, it’s my travel dream, so when you come here it’d be cool to meet you. check out one of my blogs at http://www.flyfishingtheworld.blogspot.com and contact me through http://www.facebook.com/mrnicholasmoody if you wanna meet up when you come to this city, or stay at my place anytime! I know some nature spots, as I work in conservation too.


  2. Charlie Shepley
    31 March 2015 @ 17:10

    Hi Dan

    I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your epic adventure. Not only are you a great cyclist and intrepid explorer, but also a very talented blogger!
    I can’t wait for the next inspiring instalment. Look forward to meeting you on your return to Glossop and buying you a well deserved beer or two!

    Charlie (new GKV member and friend of Ste Coackley)


  3. Elina
    28 March 2015 @ 08:56

    whehehehehey Dan! great stuff! It’s still raining here, the weather has gone mental and forgot to spray spring time… At least the South winds are warmer…. Really looking forward to see you and Tanelli!


  4. paul gilbert
    26 March 2015 @ 14:15

    Hi there dan. This is all sounding great. Glad that you found Slovenia and JB intorduced you to Oneyeabor. I spent some time cycling round slovenia years ago. Lake Bled and that gorge in your photo were amazing.

    I look on and read with a lot of envy. My next cycling trip is planned for Scotland; all i can do for the time being…

    If you head to Belgrade, the Three Black Catz is a nice house/hostel where I have stayed. Or if you are going via Bulgaria, there are some nice places there too…

    Take care.



  5. Joseph Starchild
    19 March 2015 @ 20:32

    Dear Dan,
    Thanks for doing such an interesting blog. It was good to hear from you and in such detail too. Love all your photographs. This has the makings of a great blog: I want to read more. All the personal details of all the lovely people that you have met reminded me of the time in my life when I was feeling down and a friend told me, ” go on the road for a bit, it will restore your faith in human nature.” And it did. So I’m glad for you that you are having an adventure of a very human kind as well as an adventure of exploration.
    May the wind be always at your back and look forward to hearing from you again soon.


  6. Nicola
    19 March 2015 @ 14:07

    Dan – massively inspiring! Just booking our first cycling with the kids holiday as a result. Thank you!


  7. Lynne Taylor
    19 March 2015 @ 10:59

    Hey Dan, super to read of your so far…it is very inspirational and written in such a way it draws you on to want more! keep up the good pedalling. I too would be interested in some stats (miles, places stayed, days between key points), but that sort of analysis probably goes completely against what you are doing. What a wonderful world we live in and you are experiencing, such generosity from people. Safe travels, Lynne (tis sunny in Glossop….spring is upon us….curlews are back, lambs soon!)


    • Dan Calverley
      19 March 2015 @ 12:13

      Thanks all for the kind comments. Rich & Lynne, you can roughly infer my daily distances from the ‘where Dan’s been so far’ map on the route page on my website. Any other stats you could just make up as you like:)
      sent squinting in the sun at a beach cafe in Montenegro. It’s a hard life.


  8. Mark Redshaw
    18 March 2015 @ 09:15

    Hi Dan,
    Great blog! The highs will always make all the hard times worthwhile. Keep it going 🙂


  9. Richard Jansson
    18 March 2015 @ 05:21

    Great read Dan! I’m curious about the number of days it has taken you to get to each place.
    Can’t wait to read about the Greek adventure, and best wishes to Elina.


  10. Mark N Clare
    17 March 2015 @ 23:15

    Hi Dan-that’s more like it. The high’s would n’t be so good without the lows. Let me know what you think of the Finn’s Sixmoons tent- looks a good’un. More of the same please – no pressure


  11. Andy Metcalfe
    17 March 2015 @ 23:09

    A fantastic read, Dan. You are conveying your feelings very well – particularly with the pic of your Italian camp next to a water pump which would have scared me! Good to see there are so many nice people out there. Ride safe. Andy


  12. Eugene
    17 March 2015 @ 23:00

    What a great story and adventure, many people dream of such adventures in life and you are doing it. Well done, great writing too.


  13. Family Slade
    17 March 2015 @ 22:20

    Dan. Bloody fantastic blog. Eyes welled up with all the wonderful and kind people you are meeting. Cannot believe how well you are doing time wise. Give Elina Mou a massive double hug from me. Emma☺


  14. Teija
    17 March 2015 @ 22:05

    It was really interesting to read about your journey. So many smiles -and miles. Have fun with my son, Taneli!


  15. John Firmin
    17 March 2015 @ 20:02

    Great to hear rom you and reassuring that you are meeting lots of good people. Keep it up.


  16. Richard
    17 March 2015 @ 19:31

    Sounds great other than the cycling bit. Take care of yourself.


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