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  1. Phoebe Syme
    26 January 2015 @ 23:29

    Hi Dan. Really good to see you. We’re thinking about you lots. Here’s a book to add to your reading list: a lady’s life by Isabella L Bird.
    Your fellow bar staff in St Malo will really enjoy it!


    • Dan Calverley
      28 January 2015 @ 22:03

      Hi Phoebe, thanks for the message and the recommendation – I found a free ebook version and just emailed it to my Kindle, so I look forward to sharing it with my fellow down and outs in Paris and London! If I ever get to France that is – I seem to be marooned in Bridport; I deferred getting ferry on Monday as I came down with a horrid cold, now the next crossing from Weymouth on Friday looks set to be cancelled due to high winds. It looks like I’ll have to take the train to Portsmouth and sail overnight from there on Friday if I’m ever to get off this island!! Tell Finn that my adventure glands are starting to defrost and I’ll report back soon!
      Much love


  2. Gabriel
    28 November 2014 @ 23:49

    The 24 hour sponsored cycle at the age of 15 has perhaps come in handy then!


    • Dan Calverley
      2 December 2014 @ 11:18

      Hi Gabriel, wow what an amazing surprise to hear from you after all these years! Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I reckon our bike escapades back in the day were the start of it all. I often think of our boyhood youth hostelling tours – every time I cycle through Yorkshire I bore people with the story of how I almost froze to death sleeping in a plastic bag in someone’s back garden in Kettlewell!


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