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  1. The Glossopdale Poacher
    19 January 2015 @ 14:17

    Fantastic Dan! What an incredibly inspiring and ambitious trip you have planned. I am looking forward to reading about your exciting peregrinations. Hope you’re suitably jabbed up for the Middle East and Far East and have lots of immodium.


  2. Mirjam
    18 January 2015 @ 18:38

    Well done yesterday! Keep rolling, the world is yours! Have a lot of nice, friendly and helpful people along your way, great impressions, experiences, peaceful traffic and smooth roads? Keep us updated and if you’re in need for homemade cake let me know where to send it to! Take care and most importantly: ENJOY! M x


  3. Chris Bashforth
    18 January 2015 @ 18:20

    look good Dan!


  4. Matt
    18 January 2015 @ 11:26

    Gulp…. good luck Dan. Stay safe and post lots of piccies.


  5. Antony
    17 January 2015 @ 08:47

    Good luck Dan!


  6. Jane Lee
    17 January 2015 @ 06:12

    Aw Dan, all the best- we’ll be thinking of you. Funnily enough we have been having sleeping bag issues here this afternoon, deciding which ones to take for 3 nights in Golden Bay! Love from Jane, Dave and all the little Lees xxxxx


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